All eyes on the ApeDAO lightpAPEr

4 min readMar 16, 2023


ApeDAO is a community-centered joint-investment DAO with a focus on DeFi opportunities in the IOTA and Shimmer ecosystem. In less than one year, the ApeDAO community has grown even stronger and multiple unique web3 initiatives have been conceptualized and broken ground on already. The ApeDAO lightpaper (correct spelling: lightpAPEr) offers a great overview of all relevant aspects you should be aware of. In today’s blog posting, we want to present the key aspects and highlights of ApeDAO. In some future blog postings, we will provide deep-dives into the individual topics, for now we will get started with an overview.

Core values

ApeDAO is built on three core values.

  1. Transparency: Open communication is paramount to us. We share all developments openly in our Discord. Everyone is invited to join us!
  2. Integrity: Raising awareness, educating others and being regarded as DeFi experts is at the center of our hearts.
  3. Sustainability: We are here for the long run. Quick money schemes are not of interest to us. For this reason, we are calculated and meticulous in each decision made.

In addition, ApeDAO shall be fun! We have a strong community spirit and enjoy engaging with like-minded DeFi enthusiasts!

Value proposition

Our project’s value proposition is centered around three main areas:

  1. APEinvest: This is clearly our main focus — we deploy our 100% community-owned treasury to various DeFi protocols. Our aim is to grow the ApeDAO treasury across multiple types of investment opportunities, in a similar spirit to traditional investment companies. This includes for example farming, the participation in ICOs and the acquisition of utility NFTs. The Treasury and Investment Committee (Ape Wrinklebrains) are responsible for running the APEinvest business and as such for identifying and analyzing interesting investment opportunities. Risk and money management are arguably the most important aspects when it comes to investing parts of the ApeDAO treasury and it goes without saying that we take care of strategies and frameworks accordingly.
  2. APEvisory: Our aim is to become a reliable partner who enables the success of ecosystem projects. Gathering DeFi-related expertise within the ApeDAO, we plan on helping with structuring tokenomics, designing incentivization programs, introducing Utility NFTs and facilitating the successful execution of fundraising. With the ambition of realizing a fair profit from the APEvisory activities, our vision is to set up this arm to provide benefits to the wider IOTA & Shimmer ecosystem and to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with selected projects.
  3. APEducation: When it comes to DeFi, education is vital as it drives further mass adoption. For beginners, it’s paramount to learn all the basics to avoid expensive mistakes and scams. We want to be the main DeFi hub providing general DeFi education and analytics to the broader ecosystem. This initiative doesn’t come with a price tag. Every ape shall get easy access to the best DeFi training material around. Open workshops might become a core part of our educational offers.


The ApeDAO will initially feature two distinct governance bodies, which might be complemented by additional ones once we scale up our activities.

  1. ApeDAO Council — the Elder Apes: The Council is intended to provide oversight and coordinate strategic and operational set-up of the ApeDAO. It consists of active and trusted members of the DAO. The initial members will be put forward by Alpha Rho, the founder, and will be subject to a confirmation vote by the APEholders. The Elder Apes will initially be formed by three members, supported by a scribe ape taking notes. In line with our guiding transparency principle, these notes will be shared with all APEholders.
  2. ApeDAO Treasury and Investment Committee — the Ape Wrinklebrains: This committee is responsible for operating the APEinvest business and is entrusted with multisignature access to the hot wallet of the ApeDAO treasury. Main task of the committee is to Identify and screen promising investment opportunities and proposals prior to putting them forward to a vote. The development of risk and performance metrics will guarantee a proper oversight. This committee will initially consist of 3 to 5 members of the ApeDAO, selected from a pre-screened pool of candidates shortlisted by the Elder Apes.

While decentralized governance means that everyone gets a say on how an organization is run, we feel obligated to establish these two governing bodies in order to guarantee an elaborated and sustainable growth of our treasury as well as a smooth set-up of the ApeDAO. Rest assured that transparency remains of utmost importance to us! We will inform every ape in our project about all key decisions and put various project-related decisions up to vote!

Access the ApeDAO lightpAPEr!

Let’s close this blog posting with some breaking news: A wild ape appeared! Our eternal king, almighty Soon Wukong III finally showed up! We are proud to share this rare shot with you:

Word on the street is that Soon Wukong III is thrilled with the project’s progress so far and looks forward to reading about it in the next two-part article, covering the latest upgrades of ApeDAO — Liquid Apes & Ape Split.




We are a small joint-investment DAO in which a randomly-generated Ape NFT makes you a DAO participant.