Ape Split — say hello to our Lil’ Apes

2 min readApr 24, 2023


In our last blog post, we explained all the benefits of the Liquid Apes upgrade and shed light on the tokenomics of the upcoming APEin token.

In this article, we want to give you all the details about the Ape Split upgrade.

With the introduction of a new NFT collection, called Lil’ Apes, we have found a way to strike a balance between inclusivity and maintaining the value of our OG Ape NFTs. By creating a separate supply of Lil’ Apes with their own voting power (1 Lil’ Ape = 1 Vote), we ensure that OG hodlers’ voting (1 OG Ape = 5 Votes) influence remains intact, while also enabling newcomers to enter the DAO at a more affordable price point. This opens up exciting opportunities for a wider community to participate in our decision-making process, contribute to its governance and benefit from our community treasury.

The process of acquiring Lil’ Apes is really simple. Soon, you will be able to purchase APEin tokens on the DEX of our partner ShimmerSea. In addition, you can also exchange your OG Ape for Lil’ Apes.

Lil’ Apes come with their own fixed supply and voting power, giving them a unique identity within ApeDAO. This allows for more diverse participation and representation within the DAO, creating a more democratic and inclusive governance model.

Sharing and building trust is paramount for a healthy development of our community and we always make sure that our actions meet the guiding principles we have articulated for ApeDAO: sustainable developments & investments, integrity & transparency.

The launch of our Lil’ Apes and the introduction of APEin tokens are creative solutions to the challenge of balancing inclusivity and preserving the value of OG Ape NFTs. It represents our commitment to community engagement and decentralized decision-making, while also acknowledging the importance of maintaining the trust and loyalty of OG hodlers.

If you are interested in becoming part of our community, the Lil’ Apes collection is a great opportunity to get involved. Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of the evolution of ApeDAO. We invite you to join our Discord.

We look forward to releasing another update as we approach the release of the APEin token and our new Lil’ Apes. Stay tuned for more!




We are a small joint-investment DAO in which a randomly-generated Ape NFT makes you a DAO participant.