ApeDAO: Insights into the emerging DeFi hub

3 min readFeb 20, 2023

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is gaining more and more mainstream acceptance with big institutions entering the space. Still, its reputation is shaky and the great amount of exploits and exit scam dramas we saw over the past months doesn’t help in building trust and confidence.

If you search for a thriving ecosystem that is not participating in pump-and-dump schemes but fully focuses on building amazing tech behind the scenes, so don’t miss IOTA and its recently launched staging network Shimmer.

Based on the upcoming IOTA smart contract protocol, we are witnessing the creation of a flexible environment for hosting DeFi applications such as decentralized exchanges (DEX), money markets as well as NFT marketplaces. The number of possible use cases is endless.

One of these projects actively building and focusing on delivering valuable services to the community is ApeDAO. We are a joint-investment and profit-focused decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO) with a strong focus on DeFi within the IOTA & Shimmer ecosystem.

You can think of us as a decentralized investment club. We manage and grow our community-based Treasury by investing in lucrative DeFi opportunities such as yield farming, initial coin offerings (ICO) and utility NFTs (unique digital assets offering interesting use cases beyond their valuation).

Our Treasury consists of the revenue from the sales of our Ape NFTs. 1074 of them have been minted on Soonaverse, a platform for creating and managing DAOs, NFTs, projects and markets on the feeless infrastructure of the IOTA network. The whole Ape NFT collection has been sold to the community with no single NFT being held back. That’s what we call a fair (and successful) launch! By the way, 100% of the sale proceeds went into the Treasury. Access the NFT collection on Soonaverse.

Next to generating profits and growing our Treasury, we also provide valuable education and establish trust within the wider community. ApeDAO is built on top of three core values:

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability

We live and breathe transparency. Every decision we make is announced to our community. The plan is to grow ApeDAO into a fully functioning DAO with the purpose of recognizing decentralization and democratic management. This requires an honest, quick and transparent way of communicating.

Integrity is close to our heart. Overall, DeFi is still a place that is lacking trust. We want to position ApeDAO as a source of trust and as your personal go-to place for DeFi education within the IOTA and Shimmer ecosystem. You have a DeFi-related question? Count on our expertise and honest feedback.

We are here for the long run — sustainability means establishing long-term income streams. We don’t chase the fast buck and don’t participate in pump-and-dump schemes. Risk management and value-for-money are key to us. Serious long-term investment requires patience and a deep understanding of the markets.

Do you want to participate in capitalizing the exciting DeFi opportunities we are about to see launching on Shimmer and IOTA?

The release of ShimmerEVM and the availability of dApps on EVM or WASM-enabled smart contract blockchains lays the foundation for us to create a steady income stream by deploying our Treasury to selected DeFi projects. As an Ape NFT holder you directly benefit from our growing Treasury value, as each Ape NFT represents 1/1074 of the Treasury value.

You don’t even have to own an Ape NFT to participate in our community. We welcome every DeFi enthusiast and invite you to become a part of our community.

Together, let’s discover and participate in the exciting DeFi opportunities that will rule the market in the upcoming years! Are you ready? Join us on Discord now!

Stay tuned — in the next blog posting, we will cover the origin story of ApeDAO, tell you more about its founder and return to the beginnings of the project launch.




We are a small joint-investment DAO in which a randomly-generated Ape NFT makes you a DAO participant.