NewspAPEr — edition 10

4 min readJun 16, 2023

For friends of tangled colorful lines. Facts only, No hype, No financial advice, DegenZ only.

Latest News

On Thursday, the new WASP pre-release version “0.7.0 alpha 1” was released with an incredible number of improvements and bug fixes. The biggest news, however, is that it includes the initial components of pruning that have raised the most concern in the community. Hopefully, the remaining outstanding issues on pruning will also be resolved just as quickly. That’s very good news.

In three consecutive actions all Banana-NFT were given to OG-Ape — owners (price 1 SMR). Now all 1,111 are in circulation and can be fed.

At this point it must be emphasised again that the Banana-NFT do not generate any benefits within ApeDAO and were planted just for fun. Of course, there are already very nice fruits and whoever has a few $ left, should also like to put one in his NFT collection. By the way, there is an additional little hint at the end of the NewspAPEr.


The floor of the OG Apes is nailed down and did not move. Given the situation in the crypto market, this is very pleasing and unfortunately the only positive news.


The terrifying performance since the last NewspAPEr on June 02:

SMR -17,9%
MIOTA -23,4%
BTC -4,5%

At the same performance as the OG Apes, the cryptos should be at the following prices:

SMR $ 0,1007
MIOTA $ 0,3395
BTC $ 24.899

The numbers in detail:

OG Apes vs. SMR +94,5% (Start October 11, 2022)
OG Apes vs. MIOTA +121,9% (Start July 1, 2022)
OG Apes vs. BTC -2,7% (Start July 1, 2022) — Damn, did he catch up with us again.


Compared to the last NewspAPEr of June 2, the value of the treasury has known only one direction. Unfortunately, not the one we all want. From $ 73,7k to $ 60,5k ( -17,8% ).

Inflows in the treasury:

  • 4,09 GI (Trades with OG — Apes)
  • 2.888 SMR (Trades with Bananas)
  • 657 SOON (420 are a donation to the Treasury. The rest is from staking on Soonaverse.)

Multi according to the current treasury-value

15 -> 5,5 GI / 16,3 kSMR
20 -> 7,4 GI / 21,8 kSMR
25 -> 9,2 GI / 27,2 kSMR
30 -> 11,1 GI / 32,7 kSMR

Actual 21,45 (last: 22,99)

Behind the scenes

Unfortunately, we still have no information on whether we will receive the much-needed extensions to the ERC721 standard in the magic contract. Probably there are more important construction sites in the EVM development that have priority. This is of course understandable.

Therefore, we are continuing to investigate the possibility of a bridge. We know that other projects also find this bridge very interesting.

There is another construction site that is currently under development. We would like to create the possibility to liquify NFTs. (like OG-Apes -> APEin) also available for other projects. However, this requires various changes in the SC that are being worked on — Liquifier . “The Blobs” are the next fun objects.

A Blob. Blob blob.

The next NewspAPEr #11 is planned for June 30.

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