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Release date: March 3, 2023

Latest News

Poll — The Apes will soon™ be freed?

It is being discussed right now to migrate the OG NFT’s at Soonaverse to Shimmer! The Apes are then no longer just an entry in a database. Then they live in the Tangle Jungle!

Now, it is not yet clear when. There are essentially 3 (4) opportunities:

  1. As soon as possible (now?)
  2. Firefly version is released that allows transactions (receive & send) with NFT’s
  3. End of EVM — TestNet
  4. Maybe there is another suggestion

So far, number 2 is clearly leading in the poll.

Trading on Soonaverse will then only be possible against SMR (floor now approx. 26,000 SMR). With this step we are one big step closer to the migration to Layer 2 (Shimmer EVM). They are then chained. You may find more information on this topic in the next NewspAPEr.


The 2nd Medium article about ApeDAO was published on March 1st.
ApeDAO’s early days — it is about the interesting history of Alpha and the beginnings of ApeDAO. Read it!

Floor MI

Not very much has happened since last week. The floor seems to have stabilized (hopefully) and 4 offers below the ATH. Trading is quiet and boring.

It’s always amazing how the market works. There are times when the market goes crazy and then completely falls asleep. It seems that Apes are susceptible to Tsetse flies.

Perhaps this will be resolved when Lil’ Apes are born and the trade in apes is no longer limited to the relatively expensive OG Apes. Then there will also be Lil’ Girls (at least I have seen some with a hair bow in their fur). According to experience, it will then certainly be quite wild together with the young Lil’ Boys. The old OG Apes are not so vital anymore.

A Lil’ Ape would have a floor of 1.7 GI in comparison. An amount that is unlikely to cause high blood pressure for many people in the IOTA space. One more good reason to launch the healthy Lil’ Apes.

Floor SMR

Last week, the topic of Floor / SMR was mentioned. Now the corresponding chart is also available. It goes back to October 11, 2022. The calculation is MIOTA (Binance) -> $ (FED) -> SMR (Bitfinex).

This chart will become more important after the migration to Shimmer. Nevertheless, the old chart Floor- MIOTA (calculation SMR -> $ -> MIOTA) will remain. We have a longer history there.

Besides, it will be easier for many, as it is still very unfamiliar to calculate with SMR.


Why does this chart even exist? This was developed to show if price fluctuations of cryptos have a significant impact on the NFT price. So far, we can only note that the last “recovery” of IOTA from $ 0.16 to $ 0.24–50% had a positive impact on the floor. At the same time, it has increased from 4.4 GI to 8.3 GI — 89%.

The numbers in detail:

Apes vs. IOTA: + 133% (Start July 1, 2022)
Apes vs. BTC: + 75% (Start July 1, 2022)
Apes vs. SMR: + 117% (Start October 11, 2022)

At the same performance as the OG Apes, the cryptos should be at the following prices:

MIOTA $ 0.5605
BTC $ 41,103
SMR $ 0.1662

This chart evaluates the historical data for APE-Floor, SMR, IOTA and BTC and relates the performance to APE-Floor. An investment of $1,000 on 06/30/2022 is assumed. SRM was added on 10/11/2022. ($1,000). The thin lines (left scale) represents the value of the originally invested $ 1,000 and the thick lines the performance (right scale) of Ape-Floor against IOTA, SRM and BTC.


The best news is that the treasury is still there.

Since there’s not much else to report here, a bit more about the presumption that higher crypto prices will have a negative impact on the floor.

If we have a significant price increase of IOTA, the value of the Treasury will also develop accordingly. This means that the multi will remain identical if the floor remains the same.

We probably differ from other NFT projects at this point, as ApeDAO has retained all the funds collected in full. The money of other projects has been used in development, to cover running costs or to buy a Lambo, a bike, sports shoes to run away or they simply could no longer cover the costs because the bear market caught them. A sad example is Labralords. A very good and dedicated developer and victim of the bear market.

Multi according to the current treasury-value:

15 -> 4.3 GI
20 -> 5.8 GI
25 -> 7.2 GI
30 -> 8.7 GI

Actual value: 28.65

Behind the scenes

The development of the new platform for holding and trading OG Apes and Lil’ Apes ($APEin) has made great progress. Considerable work has been done on the performance and layout.

Furthermore, there will also be extensive overview of (multi) market activities.

Last week I wrote about the development of EVM and the many Alpha versions. The assumption that it could also be just the necessary polish has rather not come true. Unless a polish is also the removal of deep scratches.

On January 30, Dave de Fijter (IF) had published a tweet that gave reason to hope for a beta release soon.

On February 28, after some urging from the community, he got back to us. This tweet, which was written rather not in a very good mood, now slows down the hope for an early EVM-Beta version.

Maybe we will see an Alpha with 2x version. This would be a new record. But of course, the main thing is to release a beta version as stable as possible. Eventually, many will then begin to publish the contracts and so on. It then becomes very time-consuming in the event of a breaking change.

A personal note: I was incredibly happy about the positive reactions to the first NewspAPEr! Many thanks for that!

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