NewspAPEr — edition 7

4 min readMay 5, 2023


For friends of tangled colorful lines. Facts only, No hype, No financial advice, DegenZ only.

Latest News

On Wednesday (3 May), the hunt for 1,3M SMR finally began. ApeDAO is currently in 2nd place. As we could see from the rush on the first day of the competition, the ApeDAO app was up to the task and there were no problems from our side.

The important thing is that we are here together for a fortnight constantly supporting the project with the trade of the OG and Lil’ Apes. It is a great pity that there are obviously many Ape owners who have sold their OG Apes for APEin and then deposited the APEin on a DEX. There are over 90,000 APEin in circulation and there is hardly anyone who wants to give them away to someone who wants to trade Apes.

Alpha could still collect a few APEin, and these can be requested via a quest in Zealy.

So please let’s always chase the Apes back and forth between the Vault and our own Wallet. The little guys need the exercise and are certainly happy to meet other owners. By the way, they like to move in groups!

Otherwise, there is no other big news that would be important here at this point.


Contrary to my expectations, the floor did very well. Offers by urgent sellers between 6.7 and 7 GI were immediately accepted. Many Apes have also changed hands outside the marketplace. Overall, a very good trend.

Due to SMR’s good performance against MIOTA, the floor in SMR has slipped deep into the basement. But unfortunately also in $.


After reporting on new lows in the MIOTA / BTC pair in the last two issues of the NewspAPEr. Writing the same thing every fortnight is no fun and bores the readers. So, I’m ending this now and will only write about it again when there is an all-time high. But I’ll probably be retired by then and someone else will have to do it. Maybe the grandchildren.

Btw: Old ATH 14.119 sat (MIOTA-Binance hype in Sept. 2017).

In contrast to MIOTA, SMR has had a pleasing rise in recent days.

Performance since the last NewspAPEr on April 21:

SMR +26,0%
MIOTA -6,1%
BTC +2,1%

At the same performance as the OG Apes, the cryptos should be at the following prices:

SMR $ 0,1237
MIOTA $ 0,4171
BTC $ 30.591

The numbers in detail:

OG Apes vs. SMR + 62,0% (Start October 11, 2022)
OG Apes vs. MIOTA + 113,5% (Start July 1, 2022)
OG Apes vs. BTC + 6,1% (Start July 1, 2022)

This guy is still chasing the Apes and continues to catch up.


Compared to the last NewspAPEr on 21 April, the value of the treasure has remained very stable over the last two weeks. From $ 72,2k to $ 73,6k ( +2,0% ). The SMR part has been able to compensate for the price decline of MIOTA and has ensured a slight growth.

Multi according to the current treasury-value

15 -> 5,2 GI / 13,5 kSMR
20 -> 7,0 GI / 18,0 kSMR
25 -> 8,8 GI / 22,4 kSMR
30 -> 10,5 GI / 27,0 kSMR

Actual 21,67 (old: 24,48)

Behind the scenes

Some interesting extensions are still being worked on. But we cannot show anything here yet.

Blockscout seems to work a little more reliable in the meantime, so that can now also be tested better.

Here is a small new statistic that will be published regularly with the launch of EVM on the Mainnet. Now, these are only the data from the test network and are not always updated.

The next NewspAPEr #8 is planned for May 19.

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