NewspAPEr — edition 8

4 min readMay 19, 2023


For friends of tangled colorful lines. Facts only, No hype, No financial advice, DegenZ only.

Latest News

The ToS competition is now closed. That was quite exhausting. However, there is only a preliminary result. We won an amazing 3rd place just behind ShimmerSea. Considering that there are only a few features to test in ApeDAO’s app, I find this very surprising, and we are happy about the diligence shown by our community. It is obviously completely resistant to boredom. Congratulations to the ShimmerSea community! This large community really deserves this success.

The EVM network was pushed to its (previous) limits as tireless supermen were sent into the field. The IF was happy about this, and it is understandable that such situations help extremely. However, we did not want to take part in this. We are only Apes and rather quiet and playful fellows. We also need time for grooming.


Surprisingly, the floor has remained stable and has even risen slightly to 7,900 MITOA (+4%). Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the floor in $. Here it went in the completely wrong direction.


The last two weeks were not particularly nice for BTC, MIOTA and SMR. You could also say that we have taken a beating. Okay, a few bruises, scrapes, and mild despair and now we move on. We know this and have developed a certain immunity. At least Apes don’t cry in public and go down to the basement for it.

Performance since the last NewspAPEr on May 5:

SMR -21,6% (last NewspAPEr +26% — back to the roots)
MIOTA -6,7%
BTC -7,0%

At the same performance as the OG Apes, the cryptos should be at the following prices:

SMR $ 0,1199
MIOTA $ 0,4045
BTC $ 29.667

The numbers in detail:

OG Apes vs. SMR +100,5% (Start October 11, 2022)
OG Apes vs. MIOTA +121,9% (Start July 1, 2022)
OG Apes vs. BTC +10,6% (Start July 1, 2022), we have been better than BTC (last +6,1%)! Is this guy getting tired?


Compared to the last NewspAPEr on May 5, the value of the treasure has unfortunately also suffered “quite a bit”. From $ 76,6k to $ 66,1k ( -10,2% ).

Multi according to the current treasury-value

15 -> 5,1 GI / 15,4 kSMR
20 -> 6,7 GI / 20,6 kSMR
25 -> 8,4 GI / 25,7 kSMR
30 -> 10,1 GI / 30,8 kSMR

Actual 23,41 (last: 21,67)

Behind the scenes

The competition took up quite a lot of resources. But of course, the developers have not slept and have worked on a very nice new frontend for planned extensions. So please don’t think that Apes are lazy. The opposite is the case.

The ApeDAO-App showed no weaknesses in its function even under extremely high load. I think we can await the MainNet with complete relaxation.

During testing, some minor things have already been changed in our app. For example, the availability under iOS, which repeatedly caused difficulties. This now works perfectly. Unfortunately, there is still a problem with Android.

It was announced that after ToS the EVM network will be reset, as some bug fixes and extensions are not compatible with the current state. Possibly it will happen at the end of next week, once the ShimmerSea competition is over and the results are validated.

The reset of the network also gives us at ApeDAO the opportunity to mint the Apes — NFT again and thus fix the bug with the display of the Apes in MetaMask. Then we can finally see the Lil’ and OG fellas in MetaMask too.

By the way, if you’re wondering why Blockscout is often no longer up to date with transactions, here’s some info: there are a few projects on Blockscout’s GitHub that have reported this problem. However, I cannot judge it. Maybe it will also be fixed with the reset of the network when we start with a clean new state. We will have to wait and see.

The next NewspAPEr #8 is planned for June 2.

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