NewspAPEr — edition 9

4 min readJun 2, 2023

For friends of tangled colorful lines. Facts only, No hype, No financial advice, DegenZ only.

Latest News

In the competition, the ApeDAO community received a total of just over 200,000 SMR, which were also paid out. Some community members have decided to donate their share to the treasury. In total, around 40,000 SMR have been added. A truly incredible gesture. There are probably not many projects where this has also happened.

The reset of the EVM network has been postponed. It was decided that further improvements should be implemented first to avoid another reset. Unfortunately, there is no official date yet.


The floor in MIOTA is incredibly stable. However, there is a lack of new buyers. But we can be proud that no one wants to sell cheaper now. The whole NFT market has fallen asleep, and the market is saturated.

It’s time for us and other projects to show their work in a MainNet. Especially for the Apes, who then launch the Lil’ Apes. The little guys will most likely be popular.


Performance since the last NewspAPEr on May 19:

SMR +5,3%
MIOTA +9,5%
BTC +0,0% (+ $3)

At the same performance as the OG Apes, the cryptos should be at the following prices:

SMR $ 0,1314
MIOTA $ 0,4431
BTC $ 32.494

The numbers in detail:

OG Apes vs. SMR +108,5% (Start October 11, 2022)
OG Apes vs. MIOTA +121,9% (Start July 1, 2022)
OG Apes vs. BTC +21,2% (Start July 1, 2022)

Again! We have been better than BTC (last +10,6%)!


Compared to the last NewspAPEr on May 19, the value of the treasury has developed well. From $ 66,1k to $ 73,7k ( 11,4% ). The donation of about 40.000 SMR and some sales contributed somewhat to the growth along with the price gains.

Multi according to the current treasury-value:

15 -> 5,2 GI / 16,3 kSMR
20 -> 6,9 GI / 21,8 kSMR
25 -> 8,6 GI / 27,2 kSMR
30 -> 10,3 GI / 32,7 kSMR

Actual 22,99 (last: 23,41)

Behind the scenes

Work continues on the development of Liquifier. The website is making great progress and we may soon see something more than an “accidental” screenshot that Alpha showed in Discord the other day. Of course, the smart contracts are also being worked on diligently.

A new option is currently being discussed that will make it possible to migrate the NFTs from Soonaverse to EVM with all the necessary features. As it turns out, there are some obstacles here, both with Soonaverse and with EVM’s Magic Contract, which does not provide all the (extended) information we need from Shimmer Layer 1 to Layer 2 (EVM).

Therefore, we are investigating whether a bridge to EVM can help us with this. This could solve all existing difficulties and would probably also be interesting for other projects.

But of course, we do not give up hope that by the time the MainNet is launched, all our requirements will have been implemented by Soonaverse and the IF and we will not be forced to develop anything additional. However, we should be prepared if necessary.

The next NewspAPEr #10 is planned for June 16.

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